Quaker Brighton Wood Series

Old World Craft, Modern Technology

The Quaker® Brighton™ series is an artisanal dream. The cozy interior experience that Brighton provides is due to specially treated radiata pine interior, with a robust architectural aluminum exterior for protection from the elements. This special series is made with up to 40% more wood material compared to leading competitive brands. Brighton windows and doors provide a beautiful, warm look while also being durable and thermally efficient.

  • Durable, long-lasting windows – Brighton windows have 40% more wood than competitors’ products, making them durable for long-term use.
  • Beautiful appearance – The wood interiors of Brighton windows give a cozy, natural feel while the aluminum exterior framing provides a smart, attractive façade that complements your home.
  • Great insulating value – Brighton wood-clad windows benefit from the natural thermal benefits of pine with a thermally broken design aluminum exterior.

Quaker Brighton Window Styles





(French & Narrow Rail)



Quaker Brighton Window Colors

A color for every space.

Interior wood trim can give your rooms a glowingly inviting and natural feel. That’s why we maintain a ready selection of interior wood trims in the most popular species and go all-out to help you find an exotic species if you prefer.

In addition to a variety of trims, we also offer a large palette of finishes. With Quaker Residential, it’s all about choice—yours.

And don’t forget that energy efficient Quaker Residential windows carry some of the lowest U-Factor ratings on the market, making them your best choice for more comfortable wintertime rooms.


  • Custom Paint Finish
  • Primed (ready for painting)
  • Exterior finishes can be AAMA 2604 or 2605

Exterior Colors


All Quaker Brighton products come with superior components.

  • Premium wood interior with extruded aluminum exterior
  • Powder coated on aluminum exterior surface
  • Premium architectural-grade hardware
  • Muntin bars and simulated divided lites (SDL)
  • Premium aluminum or BetterVue® screens

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