Quaker Manchester Vinyl Series

Energy Efficient, Maintenance Free

When building your new home, the Quaker® Manchester™ series is a logical choice for all-around energy efficiency, affordability and zero upkeep. The Manchester series is made with fusion welded corners and a frame made of thicker vinyl than most competitors’ windows, which means your windows last longer even under intense weather fluctuations and degradation over time.

  • Maintenance free – Manchester’s thick vinyl frame is resistant to scratches and elemental wear over an extended length of time.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs – Manchester products offer outstanding thermal protection compared to ordinary aluminum or wood windows. For maximum comfort, add our EnergyMax glass package.
  • Many design possibilities​ – Two interior vinyl colors and 12 painted exterior colors. These windows will fit your creative vision.
  • Budget friendly – The Manchester series is one of the more affordable options to improve your home’s look and energy efficiency.
Quaker Residential Manchester Vinyl Series windows

Quaker Manchester Window Styles







Quaker Manchester Window Colors

A color for every space.

Quaker’s vinyl paint choices are heat-reflective and tough, providing you years of exceptional beauty and remarkable durability.

These paints are formulated with a special polyurethane base. They are available in finishes ranging from satin to gloss and in an array of colors—including metallics. Backed by a limited 15-year warranty, our high-performing paints resist breakdown from the elements. They also greatly diminish the risk of solar heat gain.


  • Custom paint finish
  • AAMA 615 (Organic Coating) to meet the most demanding environments

Exterior Colors


All Quaker Manchester products come with superior components.

  • Heat reflective, durable vinyl paint with 15 year warranty
  • Premium architectural-grade hardware
  • Fusion welded frame system
  • Muntin bars and simulated divided lites (SDL)
  • Premium aluminum or BetterVue® screens

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